Our Mission

 The Food Park Project Mission:

  • We are a Social Aid Enterprise committed to helping communities rebuild degraded land into diverse, healthy, and productive ecosystems.

  • We regenerate ecosystems in which there is not just ‘squirrel food’ but food that humans ENJOY eating (such as anna apples, fuyu persimmons, pears, selected loquats, valencia oranges, red or white mulberries, sweet starfruits, florida peaches, nectarines, native plums, american hazelnuts, “multi-vitamin” moringa, crispy jujubes, chestnuts, passion fruit, seasonal vegetables, medicinal herbs, and more- see Fruit Trees under Permaculture)!

  • We grow Food Parks that will, over time, feed and strengthen themselves. Parks that will in fact become “naturalized” food production systems. This means less labor and inputs while the Park itself creates more yields and fertility each year. From this tremendous local economic stability and aesthetic beauty will bloom.

  • We grow using permaculture techniques and principles.

  • We take resources out of the waste stream and turn them into fertility.

  • We grow using strictly organic and beyond organic methods (it’s truly easier without poisons!)

  • We aim to teach everyone how to care for the Earth so that our children can experience Pura Vida!


luke at milmar feb 2013